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NOTE: Assisted Living is available in North York West only.

Dino Ricci, Day Program Supervisor

Mirella Ialongo, Day Program Supervisor

Josie Capobianco, Supervisor, Assisted living

Gloria Espinoza, Supervisor, Assisted living

Lily Sorbara, MOW Coordinator

  • Better Living Health

    To support the individuals in our community in maintaining their independence, enhancing their social wellbeing, and optimizing their overall health and wellness through the provision of a wide range of community support services and leisure opportunities.
    Better Living Health and Community Services

    CHATS is an innovative and valued partner in the healthcare system, delivering high quality home and community services and experiences for older adults and caregivers.
  • Circle of Care

    Sinai Health System delivers exceptional care in hospital, community and home, focusing on the health conditions with the greatest impact on the overall health of the population. We discover and translate scientific breakthroughs, develop practical health solutions, educate future clinical and scientific leaders, and lead efforts to eliminate health inequities.
    Circle of Care
  • Lumacare

    Lumacare enhances, engages, and empowers the members of our diverse community by providing equitable, accessible and high quality services.
    Luma Care
  • Villa Colombo

    To Celebrate and promote the Italian Heritage, Culture, Language, Arts, Food, and Family Values.
    Villa Charities
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